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Many Thanks!

Welcome to the hungergames on Team Fortress 2. This is our official website. Please take the time to visit our group sex page and join our orgy of violence. We hope to see you all very soon! Oh, our direct connect:


You can use PayPal above or 1 Key, contact Alpha, Zombie, or Magic. Please copy Cossio on transactions.

Server, Map, and Plugins

Contact God, TKD, or Legendary. Sunday is our new plugin test days, Monday is reserved for Brawl (competitve).


Contact RyeGuy, Tangel, and Albanzchu.
08.02.14  Legendary Army comes out of the closet, this is no suprise
08.01.14  Spies, in my Hungergames? It's more likely than you think....
07.31.14  Alpha is a Zeta Male.

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